15" Northland Built-in Undercounter All Refrigerator

At a slim 15" size, the Northland Built-in Undercounter All Refrigerator features cantilevered shelving to accommodate items of any size and store up to 72 cans.


Primary Features

  • Forced air cooling  technology rapidly cools and ensures precise temperature stability
  • Electronic controls allow you to select a temperature setting between 34°F to 42°F
  • Perforated steel shelves allow cool air to efficiently circulate throughout the cabinet
  • Daylight white lighting illuminates the rich midnight black interior
  • Decorative stainless steel handle
  • Right hinge only, non-reversible​


​Ordering Information

Solid Stainless Steel Door, Right Hinge - NL15RAS0RS


Product Spec Sheet

Owner Guide

U.S. Energy Guide

Canada Energy Guide